Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The school fete was a huge success!

We all had a great day last Sunday. The weather was very kind to us. Unofficial reports are the school and parish made up to $50,000! We didn't win anything. Went in lots of raffles, the cent auction. There was a chocolate wheel, art auction, cake stall, sweet stall, craft stall, preloved clothes and lots of rides and the only photos I have are of the girls on the ferris wheel and they had only just got on and weren't too sure of it. I had put the camera away by the time they were smiling and waving from the top!

My cake sold just after the stall opened so I hope the purchaser enjoyed it!

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Sharon said...

Cute little girls there. They look like they weren't sure of the ride. LOL I love the ferris wheel but hubby will not go with me. I have to go alone. So I do. Love the hats.