Saturday, September 01, 2007

Sunrise, Sunset, Father's Day and Birthday FQs

Whew, what a tittle!

We have had a couple of nights away at DSIL's cottage in Mapleton. I blogged photos taken around Mapleton back in January this year (can't seem to set up a link but it was on the 2nd if you are interest). Friday was a public holiday for the Gold Coast Show so we took off for two nights of RnR. I took NO photos while we were away. I didn't do much at all. I haven't felt well all week, very tired so I took it easy. SIL and the girls had a lot of fun in the park, wish I had sent my camera along.

Now I have blogged in the past about sunsets and the photo above was taken tonight, but I did have an opportunity for a SUNRISE photo today. SIL had to be at the station by 6am to catch the train to the international airport. I drove her down the range at 5.30am in the dark and as I was returning I ALMOST stopped off at the lookout to take some photos. Sorry but I was tired, so I kept driving and I went back to bed when I got to her place! (I did say I haven't been feeling well!) I am sorry now, though, so won't let the opportunity slip by next time.

Tomorrow is father's day here in Oz and Charlotte is very excited. ( I know the photo is very yellow, no flash and I didn't want to get caught by Russ so I didn't re-shoot). We have all of Daddy's presents prepared. Some purchased, some made at school and kindy - they are the most special. Tomorrow is all about him. Eggs for breakfast, BBQ lunch and dinner with my parents. More pictures tomorrow.

Finally, my birthday just keeps on keeping on. More FQs arrived this week.



Christina said...

Jodie the sunset photo is lovely, I am worried about you saying you are not well you had better go to the Drs mother hen here.


Helen said...

Birthday fat quarters sound like a lot of fun! I love it when the moon is visible in the daytime.

Mary said...

I always manage to take sunset photos too - I'm definitely NOT a morning person.

I hope to get so sunset pictures when we're in Key West in a couple weeks. They have the most beautiful sunsets there.

Patty said...

what a pretty sunset, and at some point when life calms down I will share how I store all my photos so I can put my hand on them quickly.