Monday, January 21, 2008

Mystery Guests Revealed...

So who came to stay? Chookyblue and her DD, that's who! Well it was so lovely to finally meet face to face after talking almost daily on the Internet for I don't know how long. Her DD is just a bit older than my oldest and they they got on great as well.
Like any visit is was too short but very sweet. I have no photos of Chooky though. We were being silly one afternoon after some champagne and swapped cameras and took photos of each other. So I have photos of me! Once she is home I will get her to post the pic of her and I will do the same with the one of me.
The morning of the day they left us I took her up to the botanical gardens where DH, the girls and I had been the weekend before. Amazing the changes in just a week. And it rained! Walking in the rain forest in the rain, very appropriate.

Come back and see us again Chookyblue, anytime!!!!

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Chookyblue said...

I had a fab time thanks I will be back..........