Saturday, January 19, 2008


Ok, this week's Scatterdays is the letter U and it has not gone according to plan! Yes I had a plan, I thought about this earlier in the week.

Cartoon Character I found hard, I did a google and came up with Uncle Sam, but for some reason "Uncle Sam" won't sit nicely with my other pics so no pretty collage this week.

Streets - there are two that came to mind - Upton Street, over near mum and dad's and Universal Street (actually I think it is drive, but it is closer than mum and dads!), but I never got to either! So I photographed the page in the street directory!!

Lastly, things we spent A LOT OF MONEY ON!!!!!, School UNIFORMS. Fortunately DD1 is going into Grade 2, so that major expense was last year.

Yeah for me, I got Scatterdays done on Saturday!!!! But next week!! Hooley Dooley!!! Watch this space.


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Lindi said...

What are you up to for next week? I can hardly wait!
It's been a long time since I bought school uniforms, but I still remember how expensive they were. Good one.

Dy said...

School uniforms is a great choice for expensive! So true

Michelle Watters said...

Oh for heavens sake - why didn't I think to take a photo of the directory. And school uniforms as well. DD2 starts high school this year so I symathise. Never thought of them either! Clever girl.