Saturday, May 10, 2008

The road to Nundle.....

Ok, there has naturally been a lot of posts this week about the awesome time had by all in Nundle. So just to make it a little different I thought I would share some photos of the surrounding countryside.

Firstly, this is the exit off the New England Hwy that you DO NOT want to take. Very pretty country side but the road is very rugged! Although I must admit the claim that at this point you are 39kn from Nundle turned out to be very true! Just a long slow 39km!

This shot is the beautiful scenery you find yourself surrounded by if you get onto the wrong road! See every cloud has a silver lining!

The next two shots were taken on my journey OUT of Nundle on the correct road, that brought me back to the New England Hwy north of Tamworth. These are of Chaffey Dam. At 9.30am on the Sunday morning it was soooooo still.

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Anonymous said...

Oh Jodie, very pretty scenery. I didn't care much about the BL%%DY scenery when I took the wrong road. Just wanted to get off the dirt......
Love the pics of the Dam. Will they end up on cards?