Thursday, February 19, 2009

Summer Salads Episode 2

Yes I am back! We have had the crash of '09 here! Computer that is. Fortunately for me nothing was lost but it took a bit of recovery time. DH to the rescue.

So did I do lots and lots of sewing and scrapping during that computer free time.... uhmmmmm! :) Although I haven't lost any of my photos (DH assures me of this!) I still can't access them, so I don't have much to show.

Moral of the story.... back up your work people!

Continuing on our Summer Salad theme, today's is an Asian Crunch Salad with Asian Style BBQ Pork. This was right up my alley. Love Asian food.

Firstly marinate your pork fillet in soy sauce, dry red wine, honey, brown sugar, garlic, cinnamon and shallot. (You can add some red food colouring to the marinade for that traditional red colour but from the picture you can see that I don't). I leave it to marinate overnight and then bake it in the oven. Allow to cool and then slice.

For the salad I used mixed lettuce leaves, wombok cabbage, grated carrot, shallot and crunchy noodles. If I had them at the time, I would have thrown in some cucumber and green capsicum.

Dress the salad with a creamy asian dressing made with mayonnaise, soy sauce, pinch of sugar, freshly ground black pepper and some sesame oil.

To make your life easier, you can pick up a bag of "crunch salad" in the fresh produce section of Woollies! I discovered that after I made this salad.


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