Friday, June 05, 2009

Long weekends, campertrailers, pretty birds and Oh! she is actually sewing!

This weekend is another long weekend here in Paradise, Queen's Birthday Long Weekend. Although our camper trailer is progressing it is STILL not ready. Weather here is not that good for camping though, nights are cold and it is still raining on and off.

See all that mess over the canvas covering the tent? That is from these gorgeous guys - Rainbow Lorikeets. These pics are from this afternoon. I have another pic from a little while ago over at Snappy Friends.

I have been computer less for over a week. No crash, DH rented out my laptop to a Dr going to a conference. Consequences of marrying a self employed computer tech! Still don't have all my files back (like my PHOTOS) but at least I am online. So instead of wasting all that time on the 'puter, here is a peek at what is currently gracing my design floor..........

Argh!!! Photo won't load.

DH's birthday present! His birthday was May 28, but he didn't say he wanted a quilt until the day before. It is all flannel, op shop pjs and shirts, plus some solid blue and green donated by my mum. Not sure what to back it with, so it productivity has halted.

Enjoy your weekend!



Julie said...

Wow, that lorikeet is beautiful, but his crap is not. LOL.

Russ said...

Holy hell woman can't you just make one overnight????

I bet the camper trailer is finished first!!!!