Friday, August 07, 2009


We got another gorgeous day this year for the recent school beach-a-thon.

This year DD2 joined DD1 and I. She was a little trooper. She walked the 6kms like it was something she did everyday, just so happy to be in with the 'big kids' (who have been edited out of the pic). Next year when she starts school she will only have to walk 2kms with her class!

DD1 on the other hand complained every step of the way....
"why do we have to have a beach-a-thon"
"when do we get a rest"
"how much further"
"do we have to walk ALL THAT WAY?"

For me it was Paradise. You can't beat the beach on a warm winter's day, and with my two girls for company..... priceless......
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Leanne said...

It often amazes me that bringing up 2 children exactly the same they can be so different. I expect that's what make life exciting.

Shellie said...

Love the pictures of the beach. The beach is one of my favorite places to be.