Friday, December 11, 2009

11 - New Decorations and a House Guest

Today was a very "Christmassy" day.

We visited Santa's Castle and got the obligatory Santa Photo. I am lovin' this years shot. DD1 rolled her eyes when I told her what was on the agenda today, but I asked her to reconsider because the photo was all about me, and I really, really wanted one of the two of them!

We got a new tree last year after many years of a smallish tree so today they got to choose a new decoration each. This is DD1's glittery pink butterfly,

and DD2's glittery purple bird.

I didn't pick one out for me, I will ask Mr Paradise to take the girls shopping and get one that they like for me. We couldn't resist this one for him though!

The most exciting news though, is the arrival of our house guest - Meteor!!! Meteor was waiting under the Christmas tree when we got home. Remember when DD1 wrote to Santa explaining why she and her sister were good candidates for looking after a reindeer? Well he arrived today. Below is a transcript of the letter he brought with him. It's rather long so you can skip it if you like :)

This little reindeer is named Meteor. He is very excited about his first ever visit to a home with children in it. He is used to elves and of course Mrs Claus and me, but he has never met a child before. I told him to expect lots of cuddles.

Meteor has worked hard all year at his flying school and did very well in his flying test today. He has worked so hard he is ready for a holiday.

Meteor has a secret magic. When you are awake he will be very still and not even blink. Santa's reindeer are supposed to be a secret so you can't see him move or eat, but when you go to sleep he will come alive! He loves to explore! Even though he can't move when you are awake, he can play a game with you. Each morning, before you wake up he has told me he will hide somewhere and you have to find him.

He can be quite mischievous but he days he will try to be on his best behaviour. Young reindeer are famous for getting into mischief, so I can't promise he'll always be good.

Don't forget to leave some food out for him each night. He loves sultanas and a drink of water would be nice too please.

He will need to come home to the North Pole on Christmas Eve so he can get back to Reindeer School. He has lots more to learn, like how to land quietly on roofs and how to find all the houses I have to visit each year. Please leave him under your Christmas Tree on Christmas Eve and I will pick him up when I deliver your presents.

I know you are both going to have a lot of fun with Meteor and I know he is going to be well looked after by both of you. If you like he can come visit you again next year. All you have to do is send me another email or letter next year telling me you'd like him to visit.

Lots of Love, Santa.

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Deb said...

Jodie, what a lovely letter Santa sent , so sweet. I used to love those days, such a shame the kids grow up!
hugs Deb

Leanne said...

I agree with Deb enjoy Christmas while your girls are small soon all the charm of it will be gone. I hope Meteor is doing the house work while he is a wake at night.

Narelle said...

Dear Jodie, How beautiful i remember also when my middle child rolled his eyes when i mentioned Christmas Photo but after i explained he stood there with the smile as it was for mum. Enjoy the kids as they grow up sooooo fast.
Big Christmas hugs to you and the girls.