Tuesday, December 15, 2009

12, 13, 14

Playing catch up again!

It has been so hot and steamy here, for what feels like forever! This sunset is actually from Friday 11th but I like the effect. It was cool in the house from the air con, and steamy outside, so as soon as I walked out the lens fogged over. I cleared it, but the pics still seemed to have a eeriness to them.

So on Saturday the 12th, we had an inside arts and craft day. I finished writing out this years Christmas cards, so I gave last years to the girls to "do what they want with" Lots of cutting, glueing and messing. Kept them busy for hours!

The on the 13th this is where we found our pesky reindeer Meteor. He comes to life at night when the girls are asleep and then hides so they have to find him!

Sunday (13th) also involved defrosting the freezer. Such a fun job, not! So yesterday (14th) I made some banana muffins with the black bananas I had stashed in the freezer for just such a purpose. Two left this morning. They are good!

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