Tuesday, December 29, 2009


How clever are these kids?

If organising the SSCS international swap wasn't enough, the Chookster also organised a kids swap. I showed a sneak peak of what DD1 aka Miss Paradise made here.

Well now I can reveal the whole article. This is the needlecase she sent to Angel. This is the first thing she has ever sewn. The first time she has been near a sewing machine or ever made a yo-yo. I was very proud of her.

This is what she received from JessieGirl ........ These kids amaze me. The stitching is so neat and small and consistent. This is the front....

and the inside.

Thanks to all involved.



Chookyblue...... said...

Hi Miss Paradise I love the needle case that you made. Angel will love it.

Fairy Girl

Narelle said...

Dear Jodie, How proud are you Miss Paradise did a wonderful job of her first kids swap. And to Miss Paradise congratulations on the great job that you have done you can be so proud. I think that it is so wonderful to see kids getting back into crafting i only wish that they did more in the schools like we did when we were at school. Gee that shows my age. Congratulations again Miss Paradise.
Big Hugs

Kerri said...

Miss Paradise. Wow. It is so cute. Thank you so much.