Friday, June 18, 2010

a little extra.....

I started this project again, my tension was too tight and I couldn't get the crochet hook through my chain! This is for DH, a little belated birthday present. Progress is SLOW!

I have decided there are some important steps in quilting that I really dislike - cutting out the pieces, basting, preparing the binding. With crochet it is the same - the initial chain and the first row! Grrrrr

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Anonymous said...

Come on Jod! We need to see some blue in there soon.... Can't wait. Love your supplies in your previous post too.

Inga Helene said...

I know what you mean, I do not like the first row either. A tip I got once is to use a larger hook for the chain stitches than the rest of the work. Then the tension will be looser. Don't know if it works though, I seem to forget the tric EVERY time I start a new project.

Have a nice weekend :o)