Thursday, February 22, 2007

Today's Sunset

It's been awhile since I have taken sunset photos. Now I hate to skite but here in paradise, this time of year, they don't vary that much.

BUT, at the moment in parched South-east Queensland, specifically on the north end of the Gold Coast, we have been getting regular rain! February weather in February - who'd figure? I did read something recently (now don't quote me, my recollection is vague, but) we are leaving an El Nino weather pattern and entering another pattern called (I can't remember) but contains more than average rain! Let's hope so! We are on Level 4 water restrictions here. No matter how much rain does come I can't see the restrictions lifting.

Anyway, I digress! Today's sunset includes clouds!!! Now I think I have mentioned before Queensland's catch cry from the past was "Beautiful one day, perfect the next", but now that cloud cover brings rain - we're loving it!!!! Another change is the palm trees are 'in flower'. See they have a creamy white bead type 'flower' appearing just below the frond. In the past DH always wants to remove it before it drops all over the ground, but I like the new dimension it brings.

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