Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Can you guess who?

I am behind with Crazy Mom's Quilt Along, but I am making 3 sets of blocks and I am not that far behind. (I do know that there is a mistake in "Block 7" in the pink set but I am going to leave it as is - a bit of individualism). Besides....... my sewing room is also our spare room and as I am expecting two very special guests to arrive on Thursday I am packing up the sewing room and bringing on the guest room.

I will keep it a surprise, but I am sure she will join in the fun and let me do the 'big reveal' once she is here......

Can anyone guess who??


PS I know these photos are shocking quality, but they were taken at 1.30am and I didn't want to wake anyone. So it was a quick turn on the lights, snap the photo, lights out and lay out the next set of blocks. :)

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Chookyblue said...

pick me pick me..........