Monday, January 18, 2010

First she sewed and now she cooks!

This is turning into a cooking blog! It is not supposed to be, but then we all need to eat and food is a big part of our lives so sometimes that is all that is going on around here!

Miss Paradise is always asking to 'help' when I am in the kitchen. Sometimes it is not really all that helpful, but I try to give her jobs to do. She had been at me to let her "cook dinner" so I took a cheats way out and we had a no cook pasta sauce. First off she used a really sharp knife to half the cherry tomatoes.

Then they were mixed in with some olive oil, crushed garlic and basil.

we put a good handful of baby spinach in the bottom of our serving bowl.

Boiled up some spaghetti,

and toasted some walnuts.

Mixed all but the walnuts together.

And served it with a slight grating of parmesan and a few walnuts in top.

Verdict? Really nice.

(Even better for lunch the next day!)



Deb said...

Fantastic Jodie. We all have to do it with our girls at sometime don't we. How many cringes did you have whilst she was cutting with the sharp knife.
hugs Deb

Leanne said...

Encourage that passion because there will come a point when you can sit and relax and Miss P will cook tea. Lucas is now a very good cook and quite often cooks tea. I have one piece of advice though teach cleaning up as well that is Lucas' down fall.

Chookyblue...... said...

way to go Miss Paradise this looks great.............

Inga Helene said...

This looked yummy! Miss Paradise must be proud :o)