Monday, January 03, 2011

Swirly Twirly Scarf x 2

My first TWO finishes for 2011.

I am really enjoying crocheting, are you sensing that? I really enjoy when I 'get' a pattern and I can just go with it. So I was really pleased when Sara posted a link to Maize's Swirly Twirly Scarf. The pattern is written in US lingo, and I was able to translate it to UK lingo and then just go for it. (to the uninitiated, this is no great feat, but for me it was a first. Mr Google didn't need to help me out!)

Two Swirly Twirly Scarves!

Purple for Lil Sis......

and Pink for Miss Paradise.

and just for fun.....



Narelle said...

OHHHHHH Jodie, They are beautiful and i have been looking for this pattern as i have seen it done on some blogs and want to make some too.
You beat me to it. Wow look how your crocheting is coming along, now chest out you should be so proud of yourself yay yay.

Ruth said...

Jodie sorry it has taken me so long to thank you for
my CCCS parcel. I have had liimited Internet access. I loved my package you sent, you are very talented crotcher. Thank you and posting on my blog will appear soon once the cable company fixes the wireless Internet problems. I am doing very well with my recovery.

Leanne said...

Your just showing off now. It would take me until 2010 to crochet 1 scarf let alone 2. Love those colours.

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Very cute Jode....and what gorgeous models you have..

Shellie said...

I love those scarves! They're so cute; I know my girls would love them.

I've just recently gotten into crocheting, as well. Isn't it addicting?!

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