Thursday, February 14, 2013

Any excuse......

is a good excuse, when it comes to chocolate cake!

Happy Valentine's Day to those of you who celebrate it. 
(we don't by the way)

It is also my blog birthday.  I started in 2006.  Seven years ago.  I only started a blog so I could comment on others, and I am still here!

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Friday, February 08, 2013

Iced Tea

Lil Sis has acquired a taste for iced tea, so we set about making some at home.  We bought some Cranberry, Raspberry, Strawberry tea bags and used this recipe, but with a cup of sugar we found that too sweet for drinking.

So we froze it into ice blocks and it was just right!  

Then we made up another half batch with no sugar and added that to the iced tea we had left and it was just right for drinking.

We tried it with lemon tea and the girls weren't into it.  Can anyone suggest any other flavours?


Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Wool Eater Wednesday, the last one for a while......

Well it is finished for now, and in use!

I completed 24 bands of colour which is 48 rounds of crochet.

I really believe it will look better if it finishes with a pink round of colours rather than the yellow/purple that it is at the moment.

Also another 4 bands of colour will give it a bit more length.

But for now, even though it is way too hot for this heavy crochet blanket, it is in use!  and that makes both of us very happy!


Friday, February 01, 2013

this was soooooo good!

Key Lime Pie.....

I used this recipe, BUT, I used a packet of gingernut biscuits in the base.  I don't have a food processor, I just bashed them with a mortar, or is it the pestle?  Mine was rather, now what is the word they use these days, RUSTIC!

I used low fat condensed milk (I just had it in the pantry, and why we even had a tin of condensed milk, or low fat at that is beyond me).

I used lime in a bottle (gasp) and therefore no zest.

I used WAY MORE lime that the recipe, because I am not so into sweet, but very into tart.

I took this to a girlfriend's for lunch and it was a huge hit.  (Very rich though).  Miss Paradise had two pieces.  Lil sis was the only one that thought it "too limey"- not too limey to eat every last morsel on her plate though.  

In fact we enjoyed it so much, the above pic was an afterthought (and a bad shot taken with my phone).  Half had already been eaten!

Jodie x

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

back to normal

The girls started back at school today,

and Tess has resumed her favourite position.

Jodie x

Monday, January 28, 2013

It doesn't rain it pours

Remember just last week I was complaining about the heat?

Ex Tropical Cyclone Oswald has been wreaking havoc here the past few days.

We are lucky and have had no damage from the winds.
The lake has broken it's banks but again we are lucky and under no flood threat.
It has come up once before, higher than this, but that was years ago and the girls don't remember it.
This time though the water is backing up into the lake from the river and that is a little unnerving.

Unfortunately the flood is much, much worse, further north, and unbelievably people who lost everything in the floods two years ago are under threat again.  

The system is heading further south and down into NSW, hopefully they will get some good soaking rain in the bushfire areas.


Monday, January 21, 2013

Yes, well.......

Hello, Happy New Year and all that!
I have just taken this photo out the back to show the clouds.  There is a chance it may rain today.  The temps are the lowest we have had in a while.  
Nothing like the 40 degrees plus others parts of the country are getting but here it is the humidity that knocks us about.  Right now it is at 76%.  It has been up near 90% for too long.

So I have been holding off doing a post this year as I wanted my first one to be the final ta-dah! of Miss Paradise's wool eater.  I first posted about this on the 9th of January last year, and gave my first progress report on the 17th and I had no intention of not being finished more than a year later but there you go.  It has just been toooooooo hot.  The blue round that I am working on at the moment will be my last round for the time being.  It won't be as large as I want it to be but it is big enough for an eleven year old and frankly we are both sick of it.  Me working on it, and Miss P sick of it not being finished.  Fortunately it is the type of pattern that can be added to. 

Due to the weather there has been very little crochet action about the place, but I did manage a small finish for my Nan for Christmas.  This tissue box cover pattern is a freebie from The Royal Sisters.   Want to hear a funny story about this?  I used a box of tissues we had here to 'model' it as I was making it.  Once complete I bought a new box of tissues and the new box was taller that the box we had here at home.  So at Nan's place you can see the box poking out the bottom!  

Working with the same colours I used Lucy's tutorial to learn how to join-as-you-go.  This was just a practice piece but I plan to turn it into a cushion cover.  Everyone needs a cushion cover to match their tissue box don't they?  Speaking of my Nan, she is not too well at the moment so if you are the praying kind, please remember her in yours.

We are into the home stretch with school holidays, we go back Wednesday the 30th.  
We have done the purchasing of the school shoes - ouch!  
Time to stop putting off covering the school books.  
Contact is my friend, Contact is my Friend, Contact is .........
I am dreading the trying on of uniforms.  They have false hems on them already, nothing left to let down.

Oh well, enjoy your day.  
Jodie x