Tuesday, August 28, 2007

It is supposed to be red!

Ok tonight there is an eclipse of the moon and from down here on earth the moon should look blood red. Here is a news article.

Well i have been waiting (patiently) and there is no red to be seen. A full moon yes, pictured above, that isn't a white dot on a black piece of fabric! Lol.

I actually took a photo of the full moon lastnight as it was so low, yet so visble at 5pm yesterday.....


Round 4 Morgan Park, Warwick

We spent the weekend out at Warwick, it was round 4 of this years championship. Warwick is about a 2.5 hour drive west of where we live. DH had three cars on the track this round. (He leases them out, he doesn't drive himself anymore :)). This is the pit area, a rev heads dream!

Unfortunately not so much fun for little girls........

But as always Charlotte has a smile for the camera!

The World Equestrian Trials took place out at Morgan Park as well over the weekend, just 'down the road' from the race track. There was an outbreak of EI (Equestrian Influenza) and the whole area was locked down and quarantined. They let us go, but everyone at the eqestrian event had to be de-contaminated. The horses are still in lock down out there and all horsing events in the state have been cancelled as they try to stop the spread of EI.
That added some excitement to the weekend.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

More FQs

The birthday fat quarters continue to arrive. These ones came today. I really like the one on top, it looks more purple in real life. In the photo is looks like it has blue in it.

Today I have been sewing and have finished ALL my swap blocks except one. I am really happy about that. Will take some photos later on.

This afternoon Charlotte started swimming lessons again. Only problem is I forgot! Lessons are two minutes down the road from school and start at 3.30pm. I remembered at school, we flew home, she got changed and we raced back and were there at 3.20pm. I still can't believe it we made such good time.

At the moment it is anything but swimming weather, thank heavens for indoor pools. We have had torrential rain and cyclonic winds the last few days and last night our shade sails tore. DH took them down best he could in all the wind but they can't be saved. They will need to be replaced. At least we are all fine!


Sunday, August 19, 2007

It is my birthday today!

A big thankyou to Donna at Chookyblue for the birthday announcement. Thank you to those of you who have already sent me birthday wishes.

I showed you recently the two books I received from Russ via Amazon - the Civil War Diary Quilt and the Civil War Love Letter Quilt. Well today I got this beautiful bunch of flowers from Russ and the girls. My SIL Gaye is here too and she gave me a gift voucher to spend on myself.

I have been involved in a Birthday FQ Swap this past year so it was my turn to get the parcels! Some are still in transit but today I got to open all these.......

And these were the goodies waiting inside.

Russ was in charge of breakfast this morning. He made some pancakes to start with (mostly for the girls), and then a toasted bacon and egg sandwich for me!
The feathers are a present from Chanel for my birthday. She 'found' them on an art project in Charlotte's room!! Shhh don't tell Charlotte!
Tonight we are going out to dinner with my parents and my nan.


Saturday, August 11, 2007

Hazy Shade of Winter

Well it is still officially winter here, as far as the calendar goes, but we had grass fires nearby yesterday. Last night (especially) and today is very smokey. These photos where taken around 5pm today. The lake is mirror still but instead of a crystal clear sky we have lots of smoke clouds. I have had the ceiling fans on all day just to get the air to circulate. Not a good start is it? Summer and bush fire season is still a long way away.
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Thursday, August 09, 2007

Nursery Rhyme Concert

Chanel's kindy had a Concert tonight and all the different classes performed Nursery Rhymes. Chanel's class did Hickory Dickory Dock and 5 Little Ducks. I couldn't get any good photos during the performance, I was off to the side and the stage wasn't raised, but this is Chanel and I after the show.

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My Girls

Chanel the butterfly, with big sister Charlotte.

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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Even more great mail!

I have had a great run this month with mail for me at the post box rather than too many bills or business mail. Some more business cheques would always be handy!

I'm not really one for stitcheries - just yet. I think it is something I need to get into as they are nice and portable when ferrying kids around. Anyway I discovered Leanne Beasley through a lot of blogs out there and she also scrapbooks which caught my attention. I like all her journals and her quilts are simple, but effective.

We do a lot of driving, or road trips as Leanne calls them with DH and his race cars. Also DH's family all live away from us so the whole "Romancing the Road Trip" idea appealed to me. Must admit in the book Leanne's destinations are far more exotic than some of ours! Lol.

A new sewing machine is on the cards again for me, so I am closer to that dream than I have been for some time, and I have a backlog of people I would like to make quilts for, so there may be a few different colour schemes in the future of "PS, don't forget the chocolate"! I can always dream!

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Not quilty, but still crafty!

I haven't had much to show lately in the quilting department, purely as there is not much being done! I have some recent scrapbooking pages though. Very basic, but done, and that is better than not done! Top is the girls and my mum on mum's birthday in June, centre is Charlotte at the school chicken parade in April and the third is Chanel, our purple fairy. I blogged these photos of Chanel back in June.

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Charlotte's School Sports Carnival

Yesterday was Charlotte's Sports Carnival. She is in the Blue House - Ivey. She won two ribbons, one for running in a race, and the other, second place in the relay. Here she is wearing them with pride! (That is her little sister behind her, dusting off the grass from her behind!)

Speaking of little sisters, there is not that much for them to do at school sports carnivals, except eat,
and zone out!
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Thursday, August 02, 2007

Another great mail day!

Lots of goodies waiting at the post office this morning. Firstly from Chookyblue a stitchery pattern and some quilt labels for leaving a comment on her 50th post. How easy was that! Thanks very much!

Second is my birthday present from DH. My birthday is still a few weeks away but seeing as I organised this I wasn't going to wait - The Civil War Diary Quilt and The Civil War Love Letter Quilt. I wanted the Diary book last year for my birthday and without going into the long drawn out story, I didn't get it. So on the 17th of July I pointed out to him that there weren't many shopping days left till my birthday if you had to order something from the states! He said order what you want, and I did! Thanks so much Russ.

Will I make the quilts? I don't know. Taking my track record into account probably not, but they look interesting reading. I'll need to start a collection of Civil War Repros now.